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    3º ESO: Solar oven project – Course 2016/17

    Posted in: 3º ESO by correcarmela on Abril 09, 2017

    Solar oven project from mariyo66
    And more information: Solar Oven  as a bioclimatic mock-up experimentation and the 2016 Solar Meeting at Universidade de A Coruña. The next meeting will be soon. Try to make your Solar Oven to participate in!

    3º ESO: Engineering Drawing

    Posted in: 3º ESO by correcarmela on Decembro 03, 2016

    The next slides are an advanced theory and practical set of knowledge about of  why, how and everything in order to make an engineering drawing in the right way. Enjoy it!

    Engineering Drawing from Bhuiyan Shameem Mahmood Ebna Hai
    Do you want any other? Now in spanish…

    Normas de acotación from Sonia Delafu
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    3ºESO: Why not just use solar energy?

    Posted in: 3º ESO,3º PDC,Visto by correcarmela on Maio 25, 2016

    Turn on spanish subtitles if you need them.

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    3º ESO: Solucións aos problemas con resistencias en paralelo

    Posted in: 3º ESO by correcarmela on Abril 19, 2016

    Parallel circuit solutions from mariyo66
    Correspondentes á ficha 03 desta avaliación.

    3º ESO: Solucións aos problemas da ficha 02

    Posted in: 3º ESO by correcarmela on Abril 13, 2016

    Solutions file 2- Serial electricity problems from mariyo66

    History Timeline: another way to see humanity history

    Posted in: 3º ESO by correcarmela on Febreiro 02, 2016

     History Timeline is a webpage which let you see the Humanity History but changing years for scientists, inventors, artists, criminals, explorers… another way to understand who we are.

    Maybe you can use it, as a shortcut, to resolve the practice 5. Take a look!

    (the original post proceeds from Microsiervos).

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    3º ESO: Plastic injection molding

    Posted in: 3º ESO,Visto by correcarmela on Decembro 08, 2015

    In this video you can see and understand the whole processes to achieve a plastic thing: a chair, a little toy,…

    You can read more information about this technology in Microsiervos.

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    3º ESO: Como tapar sete buracos no espacio

    Posted in: 3º ESO,Visto by correcarmela on Novembro 20, 2015

    Nesta entrada da sempre recomendabel páxina web Microsiervos, fálase, e vemos, os planos de deseño para que os buracos que ten a cúpula da Estación Espacial non deixan escapar o aire cara ao exterior. Interesantes planos, nonsí?

    3º ESO: Nonio, Pie de re, Calibre…

    Posted in: 3º ESO by correcarmela on Outubro 23, 2015

    Vos recomendo que acudades á Wikipedia para entender o funcionamento do Pie de rei e dunha parte especial que ten, o Nonio.

    A información contén exemplos de uso para acotar as medidas das cousas cunha precisión que moito maior ca a dunha regra milimetrada.


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    Dihedral control drawing

    Posted in: 3º ESO by correcarmela on Outubro 13, 2015

    Soon you’ll have to make the first control. The score is distributed as follows:

    1. Plant, auxiliary lines and measures.
    2. Elevation, auxiliary lines and measures.
    3. Profile, auxiliary lines and measures.
    4. Correlation between views. Accuracy of the turns.
    5. Template quality.
    6. Clean of the sheet.

    Each of them equivalent to one point. The proper correction of two sheets of a partner will be another point.

    The remaining three points will come from homemade sheet.


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